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Teija Salminen-Mäkelä, Viola

Ms. TeijaSalminen-Mäkelä was acquainted with the fascinating world of string instruments when she started playing the violin at the age of seven. At a very early stage, however, the warm and personal sound of the viola lured her to make her final choice in instruments.

In addition to Finland, Teija Salminen-Mäkelä has lived for several years in Germany  and in Sweden . She graduated as a Master of Music from the Sibelius Academy. She has also passed a soloist final exam and obtained a pedagogic violinist degree in the Hamburg Music Academy.

Ms. Salminen-Mäkelä has given recitals in Europe, , and Central America. In addition to the Hamburg State Opera, she has worked for longer periods of time in, for example, the Helsinki City Orchestra and the Finnish National Opera as well as operated as a free-lance artist for various orchestras all around Europe. In 1991, she received an award from the first Finnish viola contest in Sotkamo and in 1994 from the Kammermusikfestival Austria.

Teija Salminen-Mäkelä has also performed several times in the radio and television. Her first solo album, Christmas by ProViola, was published in 2004. The organist on the album is Kalevi Kiviniemi.   

Presently, Ms. Salminen-Mäkelä is both an artist and the managing director of Oy ProViola Productions Ltd. Since 2002, she has also been a teacher at the Lahti Conservatory.