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ProViola Makes Your Evening Memorable - Professionally

In addition to careful organizing, a successful corporate event requires splendid and entertaining program. ProViola is able to realize all wishes of its customers when creating a program entity. From rock'n'roll style tunes to musical numbers full of feeling ? or both combined. Therefore, ProViola has the ability to arrange a versatile and colourful evening. A customised entertainment package is created by carefully considering its content, utilising ProViola's versatile resources.

Weddings, birthday parties or other important events will be given the 'missing element' when a professional performer or a group of performers takes care of the program. Please contact us and we will tell you more about ProViola's way to entertain partygoers.

Themed programs, for example poetry, play or theatre performances make an event full of feeling when combined with a musical number suitable for the theme. How about a poetry matinee complemented with classical music, for example?

During a concert tour, ProViola's artists offer their professional experience and their expertise coming straight from the heart to be used as a part of a group of performers or as solo artists. International tasks are ProViola's cup of tea. We have gained experience during several tours in various parts of the world.