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ProViola Productions Offers Unforgettable Experiences and Produces Golden Memories for Both Companies and Private Persons

Thanks to its Managing Director Teija Salminen-Mäkelä, ProViola has an extremely strong position as an expert in classical music in Finland as well as the other Nordic countries, Central Europe, Spain, Japan, China and Central America. Extensive social and friendship connections brought to the company by Teija offer additional value: a contact network formed by experts which ProViola uses both in marketing and in development of new cooperation ideas.

Despite cherishing tradition, ProViola also strives to be a forerunner and an innovator. An example of this is the Viola Rock Show where a classical viola lets loose and indulges for a moment in a session with a Jimi Hendrix style electric guitar. When creating program entities, Teija continuously strives to develop new concepts to guarantee the audience new and fresh experiences. In the capacity of an expert in pedagogy and a cooperation partner, she utilizes the concept of productification by creating products from already tried and found program entities with local artists and organizers of events in order to maximize supply of culture and yet keep the costs reasonable.

ProViola is involved in sustained cooperation. Thus, companies are offered the possibility to develop in cooperation with ProViola a cultural image that suits their company profile. High-quality program and corporate gift selection realized professionally to the last detail makes a visit memorable so that guests wish to be invited again.

Objective of ProViola is to further strengthen its position in the market as a combiner of culture and business life using its versatile services that produce additional value as the main tool. In addition, ProViola strives to increase reputation of its business idea all over the world.